Places You May See Beyonce and Her Single Ladies Mates Out For A Lemonade This Weekend

Places You May See Beyonce and Her Single Ladies Mates Out For A Lemonade This Weekend

Well unless you've been hiding under a large rock for the last few days, you'll have heard that Beyonce is playing in Dublin this week. With this in mind, we've compiled a list of hotspots for you to check out #BeyonceDublin 

Zozimus Bar

Now and then, a new place pops out of somewhere to offer a new experience. One of the places that just recently opened is the Zozimus Bar. In a market saturated with competition, there is always room for new players. This bar is aiming to take Dublin nightlife to a new level, providing new experiences to its patrons. Niall Horan and Rory McIlroy recently partied the night away at Zozimus Bar. zozimus-bar-cocktail-bars-dublin

Copper Face Jacks

Since opening back in 1995, Copper Face Jacks has become the most popular nightclub in Ireland. With such a high amount of people passing through it’s doors each week, it is understandable how it has became so popular. A favourite of Dublin's GAA team and of course Outkast. copper-face-jacks

The Bourbon Bar

The Bourbon Bar, the newest addition to Odeon Dublin’s plush bar experience. Located upstairs in Odeon Dublin, this bar of opulence opens every Saturday night from 11pm. Dublin’s top deep house DJs and pop-up musician performances, party until the early hours of the morning in the style and sophistication of The Bourbon Bar. Rudimental blew the roof off it here and the venue is favourite of Beyonce's dance troop. The-Odeon-Dublin


Since it’s establishment in November 2007, Krystle nightclub has been Dublin’s premier night-club; The heartbeat of the Dublin social scene. The intricate layout of the venue allows us to section off parts of the club for various bookings & parties. Irelands top models adore Krystle. krystle-nightclub

37 Dawson Street

Set right in the heart of the city; 37 Dawson Street is easily one of the best places to eat in Dublin. The venue provides a distinctive offering of food and drinks in exquisite surroundings! Also a favourite watering hole of golfers Rory McIlory and Shane Lowry and Rod Stewart and Boyzone stars Ronan Keating and Keith Duffy. 37-Dawson-Street-2

The Wright Venue

If you want to make the most of the Dublin nightlife, then head to the Wright Venue. Get the chance to see top international celebrities perform on the main stage. Acts such as Roger Sanchez, Benny Benassi, Neyo, 50 Cent, Usher, and Rihanna have all performed at the Wright Venue. The best thing about the main stage is that it has three bars, podiums, and a secret garden. the-wright-venue-dublin-nightclubs

Lillie's Bordello

Lillie’s is widely regarded as Irelands most renowned and prestigious cocktail lounge and club. The exclusive venue offers its guests the seclusion of three private rooms with truly unique experience. The entire venue can cater for up to 600 guests. Lillie’s is ideal as they offer an intimate space, delectable mezze platters, creative cocktails, and top-class VIP service. Beyonce's crew use this as their place to hangout when in Dublin.  Lillies 16


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