Ellen DeGeneres tweets Colin Farrell’s ‘Claire Byrne Live’ interview to her 38m followers

Colin Farrell has been given a massive thumbs-up from US chat show host Ellen De Generes for his comments on gay marriage on Claire Byrne Live. Farrell was interviewed for Byrne's first show RTE on Monday night and Farrell, appearing via video link-up from Los Angeles, voiced his support for the referendum. He offered a compelling account of the abuse and homophobia suffered by his brother Eamon, who he said was bullied in school. "There was great hardship that he was experiencing every day in school. He went to school under great duress," he said. "He got plenty of beatings and got called names continuously." Asked about his memories of Eamon growing up, he said, "I remember him coming home with blood on his shirt, and he got plenty of beatings and he got just called names continuously........so he had a very very very tough time, a lot of cruelty, like real, absolute shameful cruelty that was placed upon him.” Eamon had to travel to Canada to marry his partner Steven Mannion, something which Colin feels was "disappointing" and "unfair". “To see them every day live their lives as a happily married couple is an amazing thing, and to think that they had to leave their own country to do that, is sad and disappointing and just grossly unfair I feel.” DeGeneres (56) has been married to her wife Portia DeRossi (41) since 2008 and tweeted a link to Colin's interview with the comment, "Colin Farrell explains his support for marriage equality in a beautiful way. I couldn’t have said it better myself." The debate on Claire Byrne Live also included participation from those campaigning for the referendum to be rejected. via Irish Independent online