Stephen Belafonte’s violent past revealed: Mel B’s husband pictured in bloody bar braw

Mel B’s husband Stephen Belafonte was involved in a bloody fight that left one man needing hospital treatment. The violent incident occurred in 2010 when the millionaire producer was partying with Mel at the Amba Bar & Grill in the five star May Fair Hotel, London. At the time it was reported that Stephen approached three men after he heard one of them apparently make a derogatory comment about the X Factor judge. Hotel staff were forced to break up the brawl, while the former Spice Girl looked on. Both the police and an ambulance were called but no charges were brought. Speaking about the incident to the Mail, Mel previously said: “He was rushing to the defence of a woman - me. “He was my defender. So I can't be mad. It's been blown into more than it was.”Images from the bar, where the pair were drinking cocktails, show Stephen losing his shirt in the scuffle. Stephen can be seen grabbing the other gentleman involved before losing his shirt entirely. After Mel, who is dressed up in a tiny leather dress, can be seen chatting to police in the hotel lobby. Stephen – real name Stephen Stansbury - is a Hollywood producer and director, whose credits include Thank You For Smoking, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, The Mutant Chronicles and TV series I Pity The Fool. In 1997, the 39-year-old married his first wife Nancy Carmell in Las Vegas, and has a daughter, Giselle Belafonte, with ex-girlfriend Nicole Contreras. He has currently been married to Spice Girl Mel B for seven years. The X Factor judge and Stephen were close friends for years before getting romantically involved, after they met on the set of a film called Talk. After a whirlwind four month romance, Mel and Stephen tied the knot in secret in June 2007 at the Special Memory Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Story via Irish Daily Mirror