A Temple Bar Pub with over 84 different Gins and counting….

At Buskers Bar, they take pride in the extensive range of beers, craft ales, spirits and cocktails that they've amassed in the past year.

Their pride and joy, however, can be seen upstairs in our still evolving gin selection. Upstairs alone, you can count 45 different varieties, not including those found in their new underground sports venue, Buskers On The Ball, or their neighbouring restaurant and bar in the Templebar Hotel, Toast. They boast having a gin for all tastes, and many of them they can proudly say are Irish in origin, supporting local artisans. They'll entice those caught by the elderflower craze with the delightful St. Patrick’s gin, or its traditional incarnation for the purists out there. For a real taste of Dublin, set your eyes no further than the bottle of Ha’Penny Gin nestled among their lot, inspired heavily by Victorian Dublin, and the flora found within the walls of Stephen’s Green only a short walk away. For a taste of the south-east, look no further than the Blackwater range, named after the distillery’s home on the banks of the Blackwater River, just outside of Cappoquin. On their wall sits a selection of their No.5 Cask Finish, the Juniper Cask, aged in casks made of juniper wood for a more astringent taste. Balanced by sweeter botanicals, and the Wexford Strawberry Gin so named for its use of homegrown Wexford Strawberries as a primary botanical to give more delicious, more Summery taste that is perfect for the months ahead. Ideal for enjoying in their soon-to-be renovated terrace area on that warm, Summer’s day, or sipping away at inside during those unfortunate sunshowers in the cosy bar area. If you’re looking for something Irish, and want to play things a bit safer, they also stock the more well-known names of Dingle or Gunpowder Gin. The former paired with fresh summer berries and a refreshing elderflower tonic, which plays with the taste buds in all the right ways. With Gunpowder, we go with the recommended slices of fresh lemon, to keep your gin experience light and zesty, but also offer dehydrated orange and fresh juniper berries for those who want another depth of flavour. All of these are just scratching the surface of what their expertly trained bartenders can whip up with one of our most well-loved of spirits, and they're are constantly looking at new ways to bring this appreciation to our customers. Buskers Bar manager, Ciarán Carroll, is at the forefront of this, always pushing what can be done with their gin of the week, a chance to showcase a particular bottle to our clientele, without the premium price. Buskers love gin and want you to love it too, so pop on in and have a word with their bar staff, and rest assured knowing that you are in good hands, and they we shall find the gin for you. #GinIsIn #IsGinStillaThing